“Woman” –  the most beautiful creation and blessing to the mankind by the almighty.050aca609c151666582b01415e99aee089d5a-wm God has sent woman to help her mate at the every moment and in every up’s and down of life, by which journey of life become quite beautiful . But rather than respecting this beautiful gift some men always treat women as they doesn’t mean anything to them and just ego and pride is everything that matters to them most. In my opinion ratio of these men is quite high in some way, this obviously include men who think that woman are just made for household work (which means nothing to them and take it as easy task), and think that women were always their self helpers (over a decade). It also includes men who have obsession when female are at higher post in the respective field, or men who think that decision making is only their right, there are enormous cases like this, but the most important thing is that after so many years of independence, women are not independent is true sense as I measure the progress of a society by the degree of freedom which women has achieved. The only way to change the society is to start mobilizing the women of the world, but this doesn’t seem true in real life as world is seemingly more to be man dominating today.  Yeah at the same time I agree that now the situation had changed a lot from past and women are given equal right at every field. But men think that being a women, life becomes too easy but it is very hard to being women, as in this world women have to think like man but at the same time act like a lady, look like a young girl and work like a horse. No relationship complete without woman in this world. She plays ‘loving mom’, ‘caring sister’, ‘understanding wife’, ‘lovable daughter’, yet understood by her name. Women are amazing, she can put a smile on her face, act like everything is fine, but in reality, the world is upon her shoulders and her life is slipping through the cracks of her fingers.

” Feminism isn’t about making women stronger . Women are already strong . It’s about changing the world perceives that strength ” – G.D Anderson



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