4 Steps to overcome failure –

“Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.” Coco Chanel

I want to ask – Is there anyone who haven’t yet tasted the failure??     Kudos 🙂 🙂  I already know the answer – no one right (it’s obvious). In fact there is no one in this world who can say ‘yes’ to this answer.

One of the biggest fears people have is fear of failing.

So that’s why a question always arises in one’s mind that how to deal these failures in the right way both in our inner as well as outer world.

The biggest part of failure is pain of failure i.e. dealing with people telling you “I told you not do that “or “You should have listened to me”. Indeed you know that you have failed and took the wrong decision or chose the wrong path, but it sounds very annoying when naysayers try to remind you something that you don’t want to. So the only way is to ignore the naysayers, because they will be out in full force, and just put your head down and keep plugging away. 

So finally coming to the steps to deal failure –

Here are 4 ways so that you can overcome failure and be a winner all time:-


When you’ve just failed it will most likely hurt. Sometimes a bit. Sometimes a lot.  As soon as we start feeling guilt about our failures what we do is start reacting and start crying. And I think there is no problem in crying as it’s a natural process that normally occurs when you are sad, but if you would keep up all your emotions and guilt in one corner of your heart then, I bet you are going to be in mental hospital in next upcoming months, as this will definitely give rise to depression and other types of serious problems.  Vaguely, we have to find the correct problem in this context, and have to disapprove the myth that crying and feeling guilt is the actual problem but the reality is it’s not a problem at all.


I think when failure happens we don’t accept it and start giving excuses and start blaming others for our failure. That is always the wrong way to accept failure.  Try to accept it, to let it in and to hurt for a while instead of trying to reject it all and to keep it away.

Because when you let it in and accept it then it will go faster and in the long run be less painful to process what has happened.

If you reject how you really feel then those emotions will pop up at unexpected times later on and can make you moody, pessimistic, angry or sad.



This is the most important step, as if you fail and then learn from it, you grow up in the true sense and purpose of doing that work completes. No other or none of us sits in peace and tries to figure out what actual life is what its purpose is. Life’s purpose not actually lies in achieving something or in what we have achieved and what we have loosed. If we change our purpose from achievement and failures and concentrate on what we have become or becoming from inside after achieving or losing something that should be the actual purpose of life as this makes you very much precious and from that day you are very much upper from achievement and failure. We have to be such from inside that if now anything happens to us nothing will bother us and if we came to zero level again from where we started after losing everything then you have the strength to make it large quickly again as you stand different from the crowd because you have different perspective to see your life and goals.  There is fun of becoming of this type who enjoys & love life rather than becoming like someone who always have fear of losing something which will ruin its life by his perspective.

These steps are really effective and will make better version of you. Suppose before failure you are of version 3.0 and after failure you become version 4.8 of yourselves. Means this type of person has increasing tendency to grow, and I m pretty sure before death you would be the infinite version of you (fully grown who has completed the purpose of your life).


The last step can be done only when we have attitude as shown to be in above steps i.e. has new perspective of life. The actual definition of failure is that you want to achieve that goal but failed, but our attitude should be like that yeah I wanted to achieve that goal but failed, but my purpose is continuous to grow and will never stop whether I achieved or failed and learning something new which improves me in every sense, because every failure has its own fun which always gives us something new and interesting facts to learn.

So the conclusion is success and failure is nothing but the purpose is more important to make anything important and interesting out of it.

But listen, these steps are only theoretical until you read but become practical when you start following it by your heart.


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