A day in mom’s role –

Yesterday unfortunately my whole house shut off!!!! I know you are fully aware what I am talking about. Yes!! My mom got sick and now I had to carry the weight of family survival task on my shoulders for a whole day!!! So, what you expect from biggest sisi in home and that too free all time these days, so I took this honor. When I woke up I saw my mom is under the weather & she needed a good rest, so I asked her to take rest and break from her mommy work, though it never ends in any manner even if she is on a break 😉 . But moms are the one who never wants to ask for help even we feel like we can do it , and this case specially arises with me during cooking as I have bad hand in cooking …though I can cook some things good but I think she never trusted me in that case by my past records . So, finally before going to bed she instructed me a to do list for cooking which was my main concern, that’s why she insisted to help me out in making breakfast but rest was more important for her that time so I denied & asked for all the steps for making that dish and noted it down in my phone despite the fact that there were not many but I actually got confused with the name of spices as well as I hardly remember the picture of that spices too. I think mom was not feeling for me to cook in kitchen by seeing me noting down the steps, so I took it as a funny challenge to cook the food perfect so that I can proof her that I can do what I want.  So, my exciting happening started when I stepped in kitchen to start, but I really got confused what to do first, should I cut the veggies first or should I do my dough done. I don’t know how moms manage to do lot everyday with a very satisfying smile on her beautiful face may be god has given super powers to all mom in this world to do so. So, It’s was an urgency to get the food done as my sisi was soon heading to school, that’s why I was under pressure so I remembered my mom schedule for cooking morning meal and get started . I actually get the food done in 1 hour and that to disturbing my mom in between her nap, whether it is about gas flame or cooking status of veggies. Silly me!!!! So, finally after a long strive of one hour, I actually served the food to my mom and the first thing that she said after having the first bite –“Thank God!!! You can help yourself to survive under the situation when you are alone or when I am unwell with a full meal“. My first reaction after hearing this was what about my food isn’t nice and the answer was good just good!!! No you can’t say that mommy; I invested full one hour and just good!!! But later I came to know that damn tomato changed the game…yes I actually forget this creature and he ruined my game (dish).Now, I was on my count for the next task but before this I took a huge break of about 4 hours – this is great difference between mom and me she has a perfect timing for every task and that to with a superior coordination and me on the other hand – a big procrastinator, that’s why moms are superwomen. While after these four hours of break, since my mom was still taking her nap I started off for another task that too so late –sweeping & wiping and it took another 1 hour of my life. I don’t know why the hell I’m too slow to get things done! I am always a slow creep!!! But, finally I get things done in mom’s place for half day since she woke up and was feeling good again & with due respect I returned her designation as it is very tough enough to continue as it is not a normal 9-5 job but a homemaking job that starts when her eyes open every morning and ends when her eyes close every night. To be very honest I was fully exhausted after doing these few tasks even I left many , I really don’t know how she manage to do everything so perfectly on time without any hesitation or irritation & also with a perfect beautiful smile on her face, she perfectly loves her job & that’s why her grinds are priceless for us.


So finally I concluded to the fact that mom your job is not as easy as it seems to. I think it’s the toughest job that you do very calmly and easily because you love us. You are really very imp to us.

Love you mom 🙂



9 thoughts on “A day in mom’s role –

  1. zeckrombryan says:

    What a colourful start! Really love the style that you write, and the way that you bring out your thoughts, and perspectives to the readers, the veracity in your writing is on point. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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